400-6G full frequency coverage, 80% radiation efficiency; 500+different sizes, different shapes, waterproof and explosion-proof internal and external antennas; Customized as needed, free samples in 1-3 days; It has a 300-member system factory and delivers goods in 7 days.

RF Coaxial RP SMA Female PCB Bulkhead Connector Edge Mount SMA Jack Connector


1. RF coaxial cable connectors (N/TNC/BNC/FME/U.FL/IPEX/SMA/SMB/SMP/MMCX/MCX/OEM)
2. Cowin focus on cellular antenna, RF coaxial cable and RF cable connectors
3. RF cable connectors can be produced to be cable assemblies with many different cable types and custom lengths depending on your needs and applications

4. If you require a special RF cable assemblies configuration not found here, you can create your own RF cable assembly configuration by contact us

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Edge Monut RP SMA Female Connector Specification

RP SMA Female Straight RF Coaxial Coax Connector For PCB Panel Edge Mount

Temperature Range -55~+155°C 
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency Range 0-6GHz
Withstanding Voltage 1000V r.m.s   at sea level
Working Voltage 335Vr.m.s   at sea level
Insulation Resistance ≥ 5000 MΩ
Durability ≥ 500(cycles)
Contact resistance:
Center Contact   ≤ 3mΩ
Outer Contact   ≤  2mΩ
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio:


          ≤ 1.1

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