Wifi6 Works With Smart Home Companies To Integrate High Density, Large Volume Access, And Low Power Optimization To Provide Good Interoperability

Wifi6 Works With Smart Home Companies To Integrate High Density, Large Volume Access, And Low Power Optimization To Provide Good Interoperability

Client Background:

Ctrip is a domestic intelligent hotel, intelligent scenario one-stop service provider, providing the industry's leading software + hardware + Internet integrated hotel intelligent service solutions, combined with intelligent hardware, software for hotels and apartments quickly to the "future hotel" future apartment transformation to provide a full set of services. Based on the "platform + terminal + application" to upgrade the hotel in all aspects, the industry's first 0 wiring, non-stop power guest control installation program set a variety of equipment control, scene customization, products in the body, to create a variety of intelligent scenes, so that customers experience a more comfortable, more convenient, more personalized service. Through a full range of information integration and big data analysis, the hotel can achieve effective management, so as to improve hotel revenue and customer satisfaction.


Industrial WIFI6, frequency distribution in 2.4-2.5G/4.9-6G/5.925-7.125G


With the widespread use of intelligent scenarios, the number of wireless terminal access has increased significantly, putting forward higher requirements for wireless access bandwidth, concurrent quantity, time delay, etc., corresponding to higher throughput and faster speed, supporting more concurrent connections, all together for the design of multiple antennas can communicate with multiple terminal devices at the same time, the introduction of MU-MIMO technology is more capable of improving the network rate, connecting more devices. 1800Mbps high-speed performance, support 160MHz bandwidth, configured with 17 built-in antennas.


The guest can provide the space size of placing antenna 250*width 250MM,at the same time, 17 antennas (5 antennas 2.4-2.5G, 8 antennas 4.9-6G, 4 antennas 5.925-7.125) should be placed in this space, all antennas VSW less than 2, gain higher than 4DB, efficiency higher than 60%, isolation higher than 20%, small space means the antennas interfere with each other before. The engineer plays a vital role in the debugging result of the isolation degree.


1. Customer provide original product model (including shell, finished circuit board), circuit diagram of all circuit boards, mechanical assembly diagram and material of plastic shell.

2. According to the above materials, we will simulate the antenna and design the antenna for the engineer according to the actual environment.

3. The antenna position is determined and the space given by the structural engineer, for this reason, we define the antenna aluminium substrate size at 240*220MM in length and 17 antennas are evenly distributed.

4.17 antennas are fixed on the substrate with rivets using a copper oscillator structure.

5. The final antenna sample was tested and accepted by the customer.

Economic benefits:

The customer has successfully brought the product to market and has achieved sales of 10,000 units.