What is the Development Trend of RFID Antenna?
What is the Development Trend of RFID Antenna?
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What is the Development Trend of RFID Antenna?

1. Miniaturization of RFID antenna size

With the development of intelligent demand and technology, the size of RFID antenna is still developing towards miniaturization. In low-frequency and high-frequency electronic tags, the size of the antenna is often much larger than the chip.

Therefore, the size of RFID antenna is often restricted by the size of the antenna. From the perspective of market demand, the miniaturization of RFID tags is also conducive to its use in more application scenarios.

2. RFID antenna can be manufactured in large quantities

Compared with traditional technology, RFID antennas have lower cost and more efficient production because the price of materials used in conductive ink is lower, and the price of printing equipment used in the screen printing process is cheaper than etching equipment. In addition, this printing process is simple and fast, and the whole process is also relatively simple, which is more suitable for mass production.

3. RFID antenna reduces cost

To achieve larger scale applications of RFID, the cost needs to be further reduced. It is because that in many cases, it is hard for people to accept the high cost pressure behind electronic tags which is not out of the consideration for RFID technology. Now conductive ink technology can help RFID applications out of the cost dilemma and greatly reduce the production cost of RFID antennas. It can be predicted that RFID antenna production will be more closely combined with advanced printing technology in the future.

With the development of conductive ink and printing technology, RFID printing antenna technology will be further popularized. This helps to reduce the cost of RFID antenna, so as to reduce the application threshold of RFID and promote the implementation of RFID technology in all walks of life.

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