What is RFID Antenna
What is RFID Antenna
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What is RFID Antenna

1. What is an RFID antenna?

RFID, combined with Internet, communication and other technologies, can realize the tracking and information sharing of global goods. Therefore, RFID is considered as an important cornerstone of the Internet of Things, and is listed as one of the ten important technologies in the 21st century. The Internet of Things is regarded as the third wave of the information industry after computers and the Internet. In the process of its implementation, it needs the joint cooperation of many high and new technologies such as communication, sensor, RFID and positioning.

In the process of wireless communication, the antenna is an essential component. RFID antenna uses radio waves to transmit information. The generation and reception of radio waves need to be completed through the antenna. When the electronic tag enters the working area of the reader antenna, the electronic tag antenna will generate enough induced current to obtain energy and be activated. RFID antenna is a crucial part, which is closely related to the performance of the system.

2. Cowin, the RFID antenna manufacturer

If the RFID antenna with poor performance is selected in order to blindly reduce the cost or other reasons, there will be problems such as unstable reading, missing reading, serial reading, reading failure and so on. In this case, the cost will not be reduced, but will be increased several times. Therefore, RFID antennas need to be paid attention to when an RFID system is deployed.

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