What is an NFC Antenna?
What is an NFC Antenna?
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What is an NFC Antenna?

1. The concept of NFC antenna (RFID Antenna)

NFC antenna (RFID Antenna), with the base of RFID radio frequency identification technology, is successfully made through the hardware processing solution of transformer co-coupling matching to do the communication, the verification of the data transmission process through the communication instructions of the processor, the modulation processing of the software and hardware environment through RFID, and the design through matching circuit adjustment. Producing high quality NFC antennas, Cowin is among the best RFID antenna manufacturers in China.

2. Composition of NFC Antenna

The RFID PCB Antenna, also know as NFC Antenna, is generally composed of a circuit coil made by a winding/printing/etching process and a ferrite material with anti-interference ability.

3. Application of NFC Antenna

NFC is the abbreviation of Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology. It is a non-contact recognition and interconnection technology that can perform short-range wireless communication between mobile devices, consumer electronics, PCs, and smart control tools. NFC provides a simple, touch-sensitive solution that allows consumers to exchange information, access content and services simply and intuitively. NFC consists of an NFC module and an NFC antenna (NFCAntenna). The NFC module generally consists of a high-speed single-chip microcomputer, a radio frequency chip and a matching circuit.

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