Types of GPS Antennas
Types of GPS Antennas
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Types of GPS Antennas

Ⅰ. Different types of GPS antennas

According to research, there are a total of more than 20 GPS antennas in the world; GPS receiver antennas have different construction types, such as monopole, dipole, spiral, microstrip and choke coils. Patch antennas are a type of microstrip antenna.

Ⅱ. What are the main types of GPS antennas?

1. In terms of polarization, GPS antenna types are divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization. Judging from the existing technology, the circular polarization effect is better in terms of performance. Therefore, except for special circumstances, the GPS module antenna will use circular polarization.

2. In terms of installation and placement, GPS antennas are divided into GPS internal antennas and external antennas. Current GPS modules are gradually miniaturized and integrated, so GPS module antennas are mostly built-in installation and placement. At this time, the antenna must be above all metal components, and the inside of the shell must be electroplated and well grounded, away from EMI interference sources, such as CPU, SDRAM, SD card, crystal oscillator, DC/DC.

3. From the perspective of power supply mode, GPS antennas are divided into active and passive antennas. The passive antenna does not contain a low-noise amplifier and does not need a power supply. However, the cable length from the passive antenna to the receiver is generally not more than 1m due to the weak strength of the unamplified GPS signal.

The active antenna of the GPS antenna is generally the antenna module to be powered. It is composed of a ceramic antenna, LNA (low noise signal module), cables, connectors, plus a sealed waterproof ring, which is the so-called G-mouse.

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