The Most Common Antenna in Bluetooth Modules
The Most Common Antenna in Bluetooth Modules
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The Most Common Antenna in Bluetooth Modules

1. Bluetooth antenna

As a communication module that can provide Bluetooth communication and perform Bluetooth interconnection, the Bluetooth module can successfully complete short-distance data transmission without considering the location or direction of use. It is because there is a very important component that is responsible for transmitting and the mission of receiving instructions is the Bluetooth antenna.

Since the current technology is still unable to integrate the antenna into the semiconductor process chip, in addition to the core system chip in the Bluetooth module, the module antenna is another key component that affects the transmission characteristics of the Bluetooth module. Therefore, the Bluetooth module and The Bluetooth antenna has become an important combination that complements each other.

2. The most common PCB antenna in the Bluetooth module

At present, the most common Bluetooth modules on the market are the IPEX port external antenna and PCB LTE Antenna.

The bluetooth wireless antenna does not need to be assembled separately, and it does not need to be debugged after one adjustment. It is not easy to touch and damage and is easy to assemble. Its principle is that when transmitting, it converts the high-frequency current of the transmitter into electromagnetic waves in space; when receiving, it converts the electromagnetic waves obtained from space into high-frequency current and input into the receiver, which is currently the most widely used Bluetooth antenna.

The IPEX interface is connected to an external antenna, the signal has good directivity, high efficiency, long transmission distance, and strong anti-interference ability, so there is no need for excessive debugging and matching. The Bluetooth antenna design helps Bluetooth communication achieve better transmission quality. Only by clarifying the use environment of the Bluetooth module, and then matching different antennas, can it play their respective roles.

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