The Difference Between PCB Antenna, FPC Antenna and LDS Antenna
The Difference Between PCB Antenna, FPC Antenna and LDS Antenna
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The Difference Between PCB Antenna, FPC Antenna and LDS Antenna

1. PCB antenna

Cellular/Wifi multi-band embedded flexible PCB antennas, PCB antennas are widely used in single-band module circuit boards such as Bluetooth modules, WIFI modules, and ZIGBEE modules.

Features: The cost of the PCB antenna is very low, and there is no need to debug it again after one debugging.

2. FPC antenna

The FPC antenna is equivalent to pulling out the antenna line on the PCB board and using other external metal as the antenna. It is usually used in low-end mobile phones and smart hardware products with complex frequency bands.

Features: FPC antennas are suitable for almost all small electronic products, and can be used as complex antennas with more than ten frequency bands, with good performance and relatively low cost.

3. LDS antenna

The LDS antenna is an evolved version of the FPC antenna, with extremely high space utilization. The FPC line is stamped out, and it must be flat, and complex shapes cannot be stamped out. The FPC antenna is a whole plane, although it can be bent, it can't be made too complicated. LDS antennas use lasers to engrave the antenna's graphics. It is a very good internal antenna, which is suitable for applications with compact space.

Features: It can make full use of various irregular surfaces in the three-dimensional space and reduce the size of the antenna. But its price is more expensive, an order of magnitude more expensive than FPC antennas, and there are many special requirements for the process of the outer surface of the product.

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