RF Antenna Testing Services
RF Antenna Testing Services
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RF Antenna Testing Services

With our technical expertise, project management and certification testing capabilities, we will assist in meeting the global certification type requirements for any RF device, making the device compliant with certain certifications and standards before it is brought to market, we provide a risk-free platform by conducting thorough testing and providing detailed feasibility reports, shortcomings and obstacles that may lead to certification failure.

1. Passive antenna parameters.

Impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), return loss, efficiency, peak/gain, average gain, 2D radiation map, 3D radiation pattern.

2. Total radiated power TRP.

TRP provides us with the power radiated by the antenna when it is connected to the transmitter, these measurements are applicable to devices of various technologies: 5G, LTE, 4G, 3G, WCDMA, GSM and HSDPA.

3. Total Isotropic Sensitivity TIS:

The TIS parameter is a key value because it depends on antenna efficiency, receiver sensitivity and self-interference.

4. Radiated Spurious Emission RSE:

RSE is the emission of a frequency or a frequency outside the necessary bandwidth, spurious emissions include harmonics, parasitic, intermodulation and frequency conversion products, but does not include out-of-band emissions, our RSE reduces spurious so as not to affect other devices around.

5. Conducted power and sensitivity.

In some cases, degradation may occur. Sensitivity and conducted power are some of the main parameters in wireless communication devices, and we provide tools to analyze and identify the problems and root causes of any failures that may affect the PTCRB certification process.