Professional 5G 4G LTE 3G GSM GPRS Cellular Antenna, WIFI Antenna And GNSS Antenna Solution Provider


1. Our team members.

We have a team of 20 engineers in R&D. We can complete customers' demanded projects within 15 days through advanced R&D equipment.

2. Our engineers specialize in the following areas.

RF, antenna design and development, mechanics, structure, electronics, quality, certification, moulding.

3.R&D team focus on three types of R&D.

Future antenna, antenna integration, custom antenna.

4.3D darkroom.

We have set up a high performance darkroom in Suzhou company in order to get the excellent results needed for testing low noise. The darkroom can test from 400MHZ to 8G frequency band and perform active and passive testing with a capacity of up to 60GHZ, producing accurate and error-free results in the shortest possible time by virtue of its high capacity.

5. Various R&D equipment.

With a total of a variety of equipment, we can better integrate, measure and manufacture a variety of antennas, including the following RF equipment, power efficiency sensors, network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, radio communication testers, power amplifiers, horn antennas.

6. CAD and Simulation Simulation Tools.

To improve performance and range, several antenna designs were tested in 2D and 3D simulations before prototyping, schematics and Gerber files were generated in the design phase.

7. 3D printing.

It minimizes troubleshooting and redesigns efforts, and engineers can produce antenna housings more accurately and quickly, which helps speed up the product lifecycle during design, testing, and manufacturing, allowing for the design and testing of various shapes of housings at minimal cost, thus allocating more time for error analysis and minimizing the risk of future errors.

8. Circuit Board Plotters.

Implementation of built-in PCB and FPC antenna development and design to meet the development time of the project can be greatly reduced, for this purpose a total of exclusive engraving machines for the configuration.

9. What we can do for customers.

Depending on the implementation requirements, we can prototype all aspects of the antenna; for external and external use, complete housings and mounting fixtures can be 3D printed and tested; rigid PCB antennas can be manufactured and tested in a variety of configurations; for flexible applications and requirements, we can provide rapid prototyping of flexible PCB bonded antennas; cable assemblies and connector types can be manufactured prior to Customization is available.