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Cowin provides different types of WIFI wireless bluetooth antennas including 2.4 G or 2.4 G/5.8G external antenna and internal antenna. On the basis of your specific need, you can freely choose between the long range bluetooth antenna and high gain bluetooth antenna, both featured with high quality and proper price.

Types of WIFI Bluetooth Antenna

2.4G Antenna
  • 2.4G External Antenna +
    3dBi 108MM rubber duck 2.4g external antenna With SMA Male connector, the 2.4g external antenna connector can do SMA Male or RP-SMA male, whip external 2.4G wifi antenna for WIFI router
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  • 2.4G Internal Antenna +
    42*6MM 2.4G PCB internal antenna With RF1.13 Wire and IPEX connector, it is best that 2.4g internal antenna test with device, center frequency will move when 2.4G internal antenna is mounted in device...
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2.4/5.8G Antenna
  • 2.4G/5.8G External Antenna +
    195MM rubber duck dual band 5dbi 2.4/5.8g external antenna with sma male connector, the dual band wifi external connector can customized with sma male, rp-sma male, bnc male and N male, external whip ...
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  • 2.4G/5.8G Internal Antenna +
    40*8MM dual band 2.4/5.8G WiFi PCB antenna with RF1.13 wire ipex connector, antenna length can customized with RF1.13, RG0.81 and RG178, it is best that nb-iot internal antenna test with device, cente...
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FAQs of WIFI Bluetooth Antenna

  • Q How to place the WIFI antenna for better signal? A

    A. Place in a relatively empty place, which is conducive to improving the signal strength and coverage of Wifi antenna.

    B. Don't be too close to the ground, because the bluetooth WIFI antenna will send the signal down to a certain extent, the antenna higher from the ground, the transmission efficiency will be higher.

    C. WiFi signal is very easily disturbed by the TV, microwave oven and other electrical products, so should try not to put in the TV cabinet below or nearby.

  • Q How many ways of bluetooth antenna connections are there? A

    Bluetooth antenna can be connected in three ways: one is the ceramic antenna, which can effectively reduce antenna size, One is the onboard antenna, which is connected directly to the rf circuit on the board through PCB wiring. The other is the external antenna, which is usually connected by SMA connector or IPEX connector. The external antenna is also divided into hard connection and soft connection. The hard connection is the antenna directly screwed on the SMA connector, the flexible connection is that there is a coaxial cable between the antenna and the connector.

  • Q What are the indicators that affect the performance of WIFI antenna? A

    In wireless communication, the antenna is the interface with the external media. The antenna can radiate and receive radio waves. During transmission, the antenna can convert high-frequency current into the electromagnetic waves, and the received electromagnetic wave into the high-frequency current. Antenna direction, gain and power are all important factors affecting antenna performance.

  • Q What are the types of WIFI antennas? A

    A. On Board type bluetooth WIFI antenna: PCB etching molding, performance limited, low cost, applied to bluetooth, WIFI module integration.

    B. SMT mounting type bluetooth WIFI antenna: materials are ceramic, metal, PCB, performance cost is moderate, suitable for large quantities of embedded RF modules.

    C. IPEX connect type bluetooth WIFI antenna: PCB or FPC+Cable combination, excellent performance, moderate cost, widely used in OTT and terminal equipment.

    D. External type bluetooth WIFI antenna: plastic rod antenna, high performance, independence, high cost, applied to terminal equipment, no need to consider EMC and other issues.

Is the antenna better when the WiFi antenna signal is stronger?

The enhancement of WIFI antenna signal should be decided to the actual situation. The specific coverage is not determined only by the antenna, it is decided by the following factors: 

  1. The sensitivity of the receiving device, which is actually a very important factor affecting the transmission distance.

  2. The size of the antenna should match the power of the transmitting chip. If the power exceeds the push power of the chip, the effect will decrease.

  3. Shielding, which is also a very important factor, barrier-free direct transmission is definitely farther than the distance through the wall, and the wall through the brick and wood structure is definitely farther than the reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, the router transmission distance of hundreds of meters on the market now is the test data under the ideal environment.

Applications of WIFI Bluetooth Antenna

2.4G antennas are most often used for personal wireless networks, such as routers, wireless cameras, mobile, car alarms. 2.4G antennas have different kinds with external and internal, such as rubber duck, magnetic base, screw mount, helical and PCB/FPC, choose suitable antenna according to the specific situation and device type.

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