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Professional in making combo GPS/GSM antenna, Cowin offers a complete range of 3-in-1 antennas and 2 in 1 antenna for 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G applications, and specialize in combination antennas and many products with multiple functions including LTE, WiFi, and GPS/GNSS, in order to support customized antenna frequency according to customer's requirement.

FAQs of Combo Antenna

  • Q How to avoid mutual interference because of multiple frequency in the combination antenna? A

    Design multiple types of antenna element in the combined antenna, the shape, installation direction and installation position of the antenna element should be considered for the simulation calculation of professional antenna software. The mutual interference problem can be solved when the isolation degree between the antenna and the antenna reaches more than 20DB.

  • Q Which types do the installation methods of the combination antennas have? A

    A. Magnetic base mount: High strength magnet is placed on the antenna base to adsorb on the surface outside the iron shell, It is easy to install and replace.

    B. Adhesive type mount: 3M double-sided adhesive tape is placed on the antenna base, which is suitable for any material surface, advantages of firm adhesion and easy installation.

    C. Screw Hole mount: There is a reserved screw hole on the antenna base. the installation is that align the antenna screw hole with the screw hole in the chassis and lock the screw, advantages of low cost, waterproof and preventing the antenna from being stolen.

    D. Screw mount: The antenna base is equipped with a stud, and the size of the stud can be customized. the antenna stud is placed in the housing hole and lock screw, advantages of waterproof and preventing the antenna from being stolen.

    E. Bracket mount: Antenna is equipped with mounting bracket, antenna and holding rod are installed with bracket, suitable for outdoor medium and large antenna, advantages of firm installation and resistance high wind.

Application of Combo antenna

Combo Antennas offer expanded frequency ranges to handle a combination of multiple wireless communication protocols, while also delivering long-range connectivity, high-power efficiency, a compact form factor and easy integration, combo antennas are becoming more and more popular, advantage of low-profile housing minimizes visibility, maximizes overhead clearance, cost-effective and multi-band coverage.

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