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Cowin offers a range of antennas types for cellular networks. Our cellular internet/WIFI antennas cater to a variety of applications including routers, gateway, M2M, IOT and mobile applications including public safety and mission-critical applications. Since having enough engineers, Cowin supports Customized 5G wireless antenna, 4G LTE antenna and 2G/3G antenna as well as multi-functional cellular repeater antennas like omni directional cell/cellular antenna, long range cellular antenna, high gain cellular antenna, MIMO cellular antenna, indoor cellular antenna and external cellular signal antenna for mobile network.

Internal & External Cellular Antenna Types

5G Antenna
  • 5G External Antenna +
    3-5dBi 5G NR Antenna Wtih SMA Male connector, the 5G antenna connector can do sma male or RP-SMA Male according to customer's request, external paddle 5G NR Antenna, Sure Cowin also accept to custom 5G NR Antenna antenna according to customer's device.
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  • 5G Internal Antenna +
    600-6000MHz 5G internal antenna With RF1.13 Cable IPEX Connector, custom antenna size, custom antenna cable length and custom antenna connector type, Cowin can design new antenna in 7 days if you can ...
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4G LTE Antenna
  • 4G LTE External Antenna +
    3-5dBi 4G LTE Rubber Antenna With SMA Male Connector, the external 4G LTE antenna connector can do sma male or RP-SMA Male according to customer's request, 4G LTE antenna is usual used for 4G rout...
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  • 4G LTE Internal Antenna +
    700-2700MHz 3-5dBi flexible pcb 4G LTE Antenna with RF1.13 Cable IPEX connector, custom antenna size, custom antenna cable length and custom antenna connector type, Cowin can design new antenna in 7 d...
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2G/3G Antenna
  • 2G/3G External Antenna +
    2-3dBi 2G 3G External Antenna With SMA Male Connector, the external 2g 3g antenna connector can do sma male or RP-SMA Male according to customer's request,2g 3g external antenna is usual used for smar...
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  • 2G/3G Internal Antenna +
    824-980/1710-2100MHz flexible PCB 2G 3G Antenna with RF1.13 Cable IPEX connector, custom antenna size, custom antenna cable length and custom antenna connector type, Cowin can design new 2G 3G interna...
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  • NB-IOT External Antenna +
    195MM 868/915MHz NB IOT GSM rubber antenna with sma male connector, the NB iot antenna connector can customized with SMA Male, RP-SMA Male, BNC Male and N Male, external NB IOT whip antenna, cowin has...
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  • NB-IOT Internal Antenna +
    79*10MM 868/915MHz FPC lora antenna With RF1.13 Wire and IPEX connector, it is best that nb-iot internal antenna test with device, center frequency will move when internal antenna is mounted in device...
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FAQs of Indoor & Outdoor Cellular Antenna

  • Q Can Cellular Antenna Be Used for a Closed Environment? A

    One is that if the sealed material is non-metallic, the cellular antenna signal will not be affected at all. The other is a closed metal structure, for electromagnetic wave belongs to a completely shielded cavity, completely blocked the electromagnetic wave transmission, the cellular antenna signal has a great impact,  the solution is that change the metal material to non-metallic plastic material, or use external receiving and transmitting cellular antenna, If the metal material cannot be changed, you need to open the cellular antenna radiation slot or use the power as the cellular antenna, finally, the solution depends on the product design.

  • Q How to Achieve the Longest Range of Cellular Antenna Receiving and Transmitting? A

    The receiving and transmitting of cellular antennas depending on the corresponding communication chip to drive, the frequency of communication chip should keep same with the frequency of the cellular antenna, usually because of changes in the environment after the cellular antenna is used for devices, the frequency will be partial frequency, the emission current of cellular antenna can't consistent with the emission current of communication chip if so it has a serious effect the receiving and transmitting distance of cellular antenna, the way to solve this problem is to match debugging equipment and cellular antenna for actual environment area, finally makes the emission current of the cellular antenna is consistent with an emission current of communication chip, so that achieve the best distance.

  • Q What does a cellular repeater antenna do? A

    After receiving the front stage signal, the receiving antenna outputs the u-segment RF signal to the relay repeater through frequency conversion and amplification, and the repeater transmits it outward through the antenna after frequency conversion and amplification to 2500-2700mhz signal. Therefore, to ensure the transmission effect, we must first ensure the quality of the received signal. In the process of building relay station, the main reason affecting the received signal quality is the interference of air electromagnetic wave.

How to Choose Suitable 5G 4G 3G GSM GRPS Internal WIFI Signal Cellular Antenna?

The internal cellular antenna or the indoor cellular antenna can be placed inside the equipment, mainly includes cellular antenna types like FPC cellular antenna, PCB cellular antenna, helical cellular antenna, ceramic patch cellular antenna and hardware sheet cellular antenna as well as cellular 5g antenna. At present, from a cellular antenna manufacturer's view, FPC cellular antenna and 4G LTE PCB antenna are generally selected, in the case of high-cost control and general performance requirements. Helical cellular antenna and hardware sheet cellular antenna are more selected. Special application would be ceramic patch cellular antenna or LDS antenna. Internal cellular antennas are commonly affected by environment, need customized designs and impedance matching. Custom design cellular antenna needs customers to provide the completed terminal device as the cellular antenna need to be designed and tested in the real environment. Cowin offers various kinds of cellular amplifier antenna, including cell antenna for home.

How to Choose Suitable 5G 4G 3G GSM GRPS Long Range External Omni Directional Cellular Antenna?

External cellular antenna or outdoor cellular antenna has Omni direction cellular antenna and directional cellular antenna, Omni cellular antenna type as follow:

A. Magnetic base cellular antenna

Relatively high gain and strong magnetic base with convenient fixed installation, but the magnetic base must be adsorbed on the metal surface, in the wireless module industry magnetic base cellular antenna and wireless module match usage to increase the communication distance of wireless modules, such as smart meters, vending machines, express storage cabinet, MNVR, etc.

B. Copper rod magnetic base cellular antenna

A kind of external cellular modem antenna that is similar to the common whip magnetic base antenna, but its advantage is low ohm loss, high antenna efficiency and big bandwidth coverage by using a larger diameter copper radiator, It is suitable for digital transmission stations with relatively high-performance requirements and medium distance image transmission.

C. Rubber duck cellular antenna

The most common external cellular antenna, with moderate gain and relatively low price cost, the external cellular antenna is commonly used in wireless communication module, wireless router, data transmission station. The appropriate size antenna can be selected according to the installation space requirements, antenna size is related to cellular antenna gain, normally the longer range cellular antenna has the higher gain for the same frequency cellular antenna.

D. Fiberglass cellular antenna

Best performance Omni direction cellular antenna, the inner structure of pure copper vibrator, used balanced feed, less affected by the environment. The shell is high-quality fiberglass with good three protection characteristics, and good adaptability to the wicked natural environment, It is especially suitable for remote gateway signal coverage, image transmission, etc.

The omni directional 4G LTE MIMO external antenna being one excellent example, direction cellular antenna types as follow:

A. Panel cellular antenna

High efficiency, small size, easy to install, the advantage of high gain and long-range radiation area. Suitable for indoor and tunnel wireless signal coverage, Medium range signal transmission, graphic transmission and signal through the wall, etc.

B. Yagi cellular antenna

Very high gain, slightly large volume, strong directivity, need to notice to the cellular antenna direction when using, be used for ultra-long distance signal transmission, graph transmission and direction finding, etc.

C. LPDA cellular antenna

Ultra-wideband cellular antenna, very wide bandwidth coverage, bandwidth up to 10:1, usually used for signal amplification, indoor distribution and elevator signal coverage.

Indoor & Outdoor Network Cellular Antenna Application

Cowin antenna provides cellular antenna solutions for a variety of smart meter applications. Supporting global cellular standards from 2G to 5G, our cellular communication antennas can be used in automobiles, IoT, communication equipment, smart homes, public transportation and industrial applications.

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