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The 2.4 GHz band WIFI antenna provides coverage at a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The wavelength being12.5cm, 2.4G wireless antenna can more easily penetrate solid objects, meaning the signal can be better carried out throughout your home at WIFI speed. Cowin mainly offers various types of 2.4G internal antenna and external antenna.

  • 2.4G External Antenna +
    3dBi 108MM rubber duck 2.4g external antenna With SMA Male connector, the 2.4g external antenna connector can do SMA Male or RP-SMA male, whip external 2.4G wifi antenna for WIFI router
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  • 2.4G Internal Antenna +
    42*6MM 2.4G PCB internal antenna With RF1.13 Wire and IPEX connector, it is best that 2.4g internal antenna test with device, center frequency will move when 2.4G internal antenna is mounted in device...
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