Precautions for Using GPS Antenna
Precautions for Using GPS Antenna
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Precautions for Using GPS Antenna

1. GPS antenna can't make 100% positioning

Unlike mobile phone broadcasting, GPS antennas can receive signals anywhere. Many things will affect the signal reception, including satellite distribution status, buildings, viaducts, radio waves, leaves, insulation paper, etc. Generally speaking, looking up from the GPS position, the area where the sky can be seen is the area where the GPS antenna can receive the signal.

Because the satellite status is different every day, maybe in the same place, the signal in the morning will be full, but it cannot be located at night. These situations are possible, and it is also possible that the positioning condition will not be good for several days, so don't decide whether the GPS antenna is good or bad lightly.

2. Compare the quality of GPS antennas

To compare the quality of GPS antennas, you must compare them at the same time and place. Many people think that the new one is better than the one previously used, but this is not necessarily correct. Because the time and place of use are different, the final result is also very different. Sometimes, the outdoor GPS antenna is better than the indoor one. For GPS antennas, they must be used for a long time or at the same time and place to feel the difference between the two GPS antennas.

3. What are the precautions for buying a GPS antenna?

The GPS reception strength is not enough as a reference for the purchase of GPS antennas. When you buy, you will only look at the receipt form in the electronic map. In order to display a better reception meter effect, the current GPS antenna will have false signals, or simulated signals, and so on. Therefore, the positioning may be incorrect or the display may not be correct.

There is no so-called indoor positioning GPS. Basically, if there is no signal indoors, there is no signal. The real indoor positioning must be indoors from the cold start, but it can still be positioned. This is the real indoor positioning, but basically indoor positioning is of little significance, because people usually don't navigate at home.

To buy a GPS antenna, you do not need to buy it according to the brand, but you can choose the chip used internally. From the perspective of the market, there are many manufacturers of GPS antennas, and the most important thing to consider when choosing a manufacturer is after-sales service. Well-known manufacturers are not necessarily the best. Generally speaking, GPS antennas with the same chip will not have much difference in the effects of different manufacturers. Therefore, when purchasing a GPS antenna, you can choose according to the GPS receiver chip, not the merchant brand or the price of the GPS antenna. The GPS antenna price can not always decide the quality.

4. Inaccurate positioning is not necessarily the fault of the GPS antenna

The basic positioning error of the GPS antenna is within 20 meters. There may be many reasons why GPS location is not accurate enough, such as poor reception, which causes errors. There may also be a problem with the map data, or the road is very wide, so it seems that the GPS is positioned off the road. After using it for a long time, you will know whether it is a GPS or a map problem.

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