Precautions for High Frequency Antenna Matching Design of RFID Antenna Tag Readers in the HF Frequency Range
Precautions for High Frequency Antenna Matching Design of RFID Antenna Tag Readers in the HF Frequency Range
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Precautions for High Frequency Antenna Matching Design of RFID Antenna Tag Readers in the HF Frequency Range

The RFID antenna tags are used in the HF band (13.56MHz) for close range wireless communication. The RFID antenna in the HF band is widely used for payment of contactless IC cards in public transportation agencies and supermarkets, etc. In addition, since the labels on the smartphone can also be read, it can be easily imported.

Ⅰ. What factors are related to the reading distance of the RFID antenna device?

Simple principle of wireless card reader: the device transmits an electrical signal, which is converted into a space field electromagnetic wave through the antenna. After the attenuation of the distance, the passive tag (antenna) senses the electromagnetic wave.

When the energy is accumulated inside the tag IC and reaches the trigger voltage, the tag information carried by the tag coil RFID antenna is transmitted to the space field, and the reader device antenna senses the electromagnetic wave. After internal decoding, the tag information is read.

(1) Several key factors:

1. The transmit power and sensitivity of the reader.

2. Conversion efficiency and electromagnetic field distribution of reader RFID antenna.

3. Conversion efficiency of tag coil (antenna).

4. Signal processing capability of tag IC.

(2) Common methods to improve the reading distance of RFID antenna:

1. Increase the transmit power of the reader.

The chip power of ordinary portable equipment is generally 100mW or 200mW; the transmit power of fixed equipment is 1 to 4W.

2. Improve the performance of the reader antenna.

Using a larger area can achieve higher conversion efficiency and uniform field distribution in the required working area, more accurate frequency matching, wider bandwidth, more suitable structure and so on for RFID antenna.

3. Better tags

Better 15693 protocol, larger area label, better label IC are adopted. From the antenna point of view alone, there are many factors that affect the performance of the antenna in practical applications.

Therefore, how to improve the antenna performance and achieve a longer reading distance in a known environment requires more communication and discussion with the RFID antenna manufacturers to customize the best solution.

Ⅱ. Main precautions when designing the reading distance of the RFID antenna

(1) Each manufacturer has different peripheral circuits in the NFC reading chip. Please follow the reference circuit layout when designing (if you want to achieve better results, you can also communicate with our company).

(2) The size of the NFC coil. If you want to achieve a longer reading distance, the area of the RFID antenna coil should be as large as possible and try to avoid wrapping the components inside the coil as much as possible.

(3) Other parameters of the coil can be designed according to the reference file or simulated by a professional company.

(4) The core matter needing attention is the distance between the RFID antenna and the large area of metal.

In the actual process, there are many issues that need to be discussed, which cannot be fully enumerated, and can only be analyzed according to the actual situation.

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