Internal manufacturing
Internal manufacturing
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Internal manufacturing

cowin has complete manufacturing capabilities and is known for its fast development turnaround times, quality service, and experience in wireless technology and antenna manufacturing processes.

Our engineers and designers work closely with the manufacturing team to maximize reliability and quality. Our antenna manufacturing is performed in-house by our team of engineers, assemblers and technicians.

Injection molding, product assembly and quality control are all performed in-house, which helps us to be flexible in manufacturing and providing competitively priced products worldwide.

1.Equipment Capabilities.

Injection molding machines, ultrasonic, multi-functional coil spring machines, PCB and flexible circuit board manufacturing, CNC machining.

2. Custom Manufacturing.

In most cases, off-the-shelf antennas are not the optimal solution because it is not possible to define the size, connector type, characteristics, durability or antenna performance specifications for the final product, always designing and manufacturing custom antenna solutions for projects with special requirements.

With our highly qualified engineering experts, our in-house production facilities, and our antenna test sites and equipment, Co-Way can turn the most unique antenna requirements into cost-effective, highly reliable solutions.