Information about RFID Antenna Types
Information about RFID Antenna Types
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Information about RFID Antenna Types

I. RFID antenna types

The antennas of RFID systems can be generally divided into RFID electronic tag antenna and RFID reader antenna. These two types of antennas can be subdivided into omni-directional antenna and directional antenna according to directivity, and can be divided into linear antenna and planar antenna according to shape difference.

RFID reader antennas need to have the characteristics of broadband and circular polarization. In low and high frequency bands, coil antennas are basically used for electronic tags and readers, and copper wires are generally used. However, due to the high frequency of high frequency, the number of turns of the antenna will be much less than that of low frequency, which makes the production of high frequency RFID antenna simpler and the price lower.

In the UHF frequency band, etching processes are widely used, including copper etching antenna and aluminum etching antenna, and the process is also relatively mature. In the microwave band, the forms of RFID antenna are more diversified, including symmetrical dipole antenna, microstrip antenna, array antenna, broadband antenna and so on. In different frequency bands and different application fields, the requirements for the structural form of RFID antenna are also different.

II. Objectives of RFID antenna design

1. The antenna shall be as small as possible;

2. The antenna provides a large signal to the chip;

3. The directivity of RFID antenna coverage shall be as large as possible;

4. The polarization energy of the antenna matches the interrogation signal of the reader/ writer;

5. The price of the antenna shall be as low as possible, etc.

III. Three main processes of RFID antenna manufacturing

In order to meet the different requirements of RFID performance parameters in different application scenarios, the manufacturing processes of various RFID antennas have emerged. At present, the most commonly used RFID antenna manufacturing processes mainly are coil winding method, etching method and printing method.

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