What Do You Know About GPS/GLONASS Antenna?
What Do You Know About GPS/GLONASS Antenna?
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What Do You Know About GPS/GLONASS Antenna?

GPS is a terminal that performs positioning or navigation by receiving satellite signals. An antenna is necessary for receiving the signal. GPS satellite signal is divided into L1 and L2, the frequency is 1575.42MHZ and 1228MHZ respectively, among them L1 is the open civilian signal, the signal is circular polarization. The signal strength is about -166dBW, which is a relatively weak signal. These characteristics determine the need to prepare a special antenna for GPS signal reception. So, how to classify GPS antennas?

⒈ In terms of the point of polarization:

GPS antenna (GPS/GLONASS Antenna) is divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization.

The effect of vertical polarization is not as good as circular polarization. Therefore, except for special circumstances, the GPS wireless antenna (GPS/GLONASS Antenna) will use circular polarization and linear polarization.

⒉ In terms of the placement method:

GNSS Antenna types (GPS/GLONASS Antenna) include internal antenna and external antenna.

3. In terms of power supply

Active and passive:

External GPS is an active antenna, for example, the gamma GPS external antenna is basically an active antenna. The passive antenna does not contain the LNA amplifier, but the antenna itself.

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