Fundamental Antenna Types
Fundamental Antenna Types
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Fundamental Antenna Types

We'll introduce the fundamental antenna types. Almost every antenna in the world can be understood as some combination or derivative of the antennas listed on this page.

Wire Antennas

Short Dipole Antenna

Dipole Antenna

Half-Wave Dipole

Broadband Dipoles

Monopole Antenna

Folded Dipole Antenna

Loop Antenna

Cloverleaf Antenna

Travelling Wave Antennas

Helical Antennas

Yagi-Uda Antennas

Spiral Antennas

Reflector Antennas

Corner Reflector

Parabolic Reflector (Dish Antenna)

Microstrip Antennas

Rectangular Microstrip (Patch) Antennas

Planar Inverted-F Antennas (PIFA)

Log-Periodic Antennas

Bow Tie Antennas

Log-Periodic Antennas

Log-Periodic Dipole Array

Aperture Antennas

Slot Antenna

Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna

Inverted-F Antenna

Slotted Waveguide Antenna

Horn Antenna

Vivaldi Antenna


Other Antennas

NFC Antennas

Fractal Antennas

Wearable Antennas

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