Final Test
Final Test
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Final Test

We provide complete market access solutions including pre-conformance testing, product testing, documentation services and product certification.

1. Water and dust resistance testing.

After evaluating the resistance of enclosed products to the ingress of particles and liquids, and performing the tests, the products receive an IP rating based on IEC 60529 based on the resistance to solid particles and liquids achieved.

2. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

In the United States, all electronic products that oscillate at 9 kHz or higher are required. This regulation falls under what the FCC calls "Title 47 CFR Part 15" (47 Code of Federal Regulations, Subpart 15).

3. Temperature shock testing:

Thermal shock occurs when equipment is forced to experience rapid changes between temperature extremes, and temperature fluctuations can cause materials to become brittle or damaged because different materials change size and shape during temperature changes, and can even affect electrical performance.

4. Vibration testing.

Vibration can lead to excessive wear, loose fasteners, loose connections, damage to components, and lead to equipment failure, to make any mobile equipment to function, it needs to withstand a certain amount of vibration, designed for harsh or harsh environment equipment needs to withstand a lot of vibration, without premature damage or wear, the only way to understand whether something can withstand its intended application is to test it accordingly.

5. Salt spray testing.

Artificially simulated salt spray environmental conditions to assess the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials, in accordance with GB/T10125-97.