Features and Model Selection of 3G Internal Antenna
Features and Model Selection of 3G Internal Antenna
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Features and Model Selection of 3G Internal Antenna

Ⅰ. Features of 3G internal antenna

The 3G internal antenna has relatively high gain with complete processing technology. Besides, it has good consistency of product delivery, built-in machinery and equipment, beautiful and generous and no need to do the three protections when the surrounding environment is harmful. It generally must be integrated with the product's own customization

Ⅱ. 3G internal antenna model selection

The shape of the 3G internal antenna can be divided into many types such as FPC, PCB, spring, ceramic, hardware spring and laser immediate forming technology (LDS).

At this stage, PCB antennas are generally selected more. The spring LDS antenna is selected under the conditions of high cost management and general performance regulations. The general 3G internal antennas are subject to environmental hazards and must be customized design schemes or matching resistors.

FPC antenna: With excellent cost performance, it can be adapted to various shapes and colors after the oil pump. The product has good flexibility and can meet the standard arc surface. The processing technology is perfect and stable, the production cycle is fast, and the mass delivery is good.

It is applicable to the design of antennas for wide-screen band smart products with higher performance requirements.

PCB antenna: The big difference from the FPC antenna is that the FPC wireless antenna has very good flexibility, and the PCB antenna is a rigid board.

In terms of structure and installation, if it is necessary to bend and its curved surface, customers can choose FPC antenna. If it is a plan, customers can choose PCB antenna because itis easier to install than FPC.

Spring antenna: Its major feature is low price, but low gain and band width. When it is built into the product, it is usually necessary to adjust the antenna pairing.

Ceramic patch antenna: It occupies a small indoor space and has better performance. The width of the ceramic patch wireless antenna is more difficult to ensure multiple frequency bands.

Reasonably improve the integration of computer motherboards, and reduce the antenna's restriction on ID. The design plan must be improved at the beginning of the definition of computer motherboards.

LDS antenna: the wireless antenna with a unique shape is used, which can flexibly use the indoor space of the antenna.

In response to the physical requirements of wireless antenna performance to be closer to the natural environment, there are unique material regulations for the housing or support frame to which the antenna is attached, and the processing technology is perfect. According to the paint color, there is a certain failure rate in the whole process.

Hardware spring antenna: It has high cost performance and reasonable cost control. The product has high compressive strength and is not easy to damage.

The processing technology is perfect and stable, the production cycle is fast, the hardware spring sheet wireless antenna is good in mass delivery, and the application of the antenna area and the arc shape surface has certain limitations.

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