Differences Between Ceramic Antennas, PCB Antennas and IPEX Antennas
Differences Between Ceramic Antennas, PCB Antennas and IPEX Antennas
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Differences Between Ceramic Antennas, PCB Antennas and IPEX Antennas

1. Ceramic small antenna

The ceramic small antenna is a miniaturized antenna suitable for Bluetooth devices. Let us introduce to you the difference between these three antennas.

Ceramic small antennas are further divided into block ceramic small antennas and multi-layer ceramic small antennas.

The block small antenna is to use high temperature to sinter the whole ceramic body at one time, and then print the metal part of the small antenna on the surface of the ceramic block.

The firing of a multi-layer small antenna adopts the low-temperature co-firing method to stack and align the multi-layer ceramics and then sinter at high temperature, so the metal conductor of the small antenna can be printed on each ceramic dielectric layer according to the design requirements. The antenna size can be effectively reduced, and the purpose of hiding small antennas can be achieved.

Since the dielectric constant of the ceramic itself is higher than that of the PCB circuit board, the use of a ceramic small antenna can effectively reduce the size of the antenna.

2. The advantages of PCB antenna

PCB antenna refers to the part on the PCB used for wireless reception and transmission.

When transmitting, the PCB antenna converts the high-frequency current of the transmitter into space electromagnetic waves; when receiving, the PCB antenna converts the electromagnetic waves obtained from space into high-frequency currents and inputs them into the receiver.

The advantages of PCB antennas are: PCB antennas take up less space and are inexpensive. It does not need to assemble the antenna separately, and the antenna is not easy to be damaged. The PCB antenna is easy to assemble, but it sacrifices performance.

The disadvantage of PCB antenna is: It is difficult to round off a single antenna pattern. The PCB antenna slot is raised, which makes the efficiency relatively low, and it is easy to be interfered by the PCB antenna motherboard.

3. Advantages of the IPEX small antenna

The IPEX small antenna is used as the port of the radio frequency circuit and the antenna, and is widely used on the single board of related products of wireless local area network (WLAN).

The advantages of the IPEX small antenna are: the field pattern of IPEX small antenna can be better controlled, the insertion loss is low, and the directivity of the signal is good. The IPEX small antenna has high efficiency and strong anti-interference ability. The IPEX small antenna can reduce the interference on the main board, and does not require too much debugging and matching. It is a terminal manufacturer, and you only need to connect an IPEX small antenna outside.

Of course, the IPEX small antenna also has disadvantages: the cost is high, and it is more troublesome to assemble the IPEX small antenna.

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