Customized RF antenna design
Customized RF antenna design
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Customized RF antenna design

We custom design antennas and provide integration support to meet the growing demand for high quality network services, and our team utilizes a wide range of technologies to meet custom requirements, address manufacturing constraints, and ensure optimal design.

1. Design feasibility.

We provide proven processes, consulting services, and detailed feasibility reports to understand how the design will meet the requirements, using rapid prototyping and 2D/3D simulations, conducting in-depth studies to test various parts of the design and ensuring all project phases are successful.

2. RF Antenna Integration.

Total provides antenna tuning and integration services, they include product integration, certified antenna testing, performance measurements, RF radiation pattern mapping, environmental testing, shock and drop testing, water and dust immersion, salt spray testing, tension testing.

3. Noise debugging.

Any unwanted signal can be marked as noise. Noise is a key issue in wireless communication and has a great impact on user experience. We provide professional and sophisticated techniques and services to identify, analyze and propose suitable solutions to solve problems caused by noise or other anomalies.