Cowin Bluetooth Waterproof Wand Antenna Provides Solution For Honeywell

Cowin Bluetooth Waterproof Wand Antenna Provides Solution For Honeywell'S Personal Protection Field Communications

Client Background:

Honeywell International is a diversified high-tech and manufacturing company with a turnover of more than $30 billion in Fortune 500.


Antenna with waterproof, anti-UV function, receiving signal distance 15M. Antenna size not more than 30 * 10MM.


Protects the hearing of staff in noisy environments without interfering with their ability to receive normal commands. The console staff sends commands to each operator wearing protective earmuffs via a desktop or handheld, and each operator can receive commands simultaneously. Connectivity is the cornerstone of a protective earpiece solution. Wi-Fi and cellular technologies mean that operations are more interconnected than ever, and to ensure that protective earpieces remain truly interconnected with reliable real-time information, Honeywell requires high-performance Bluetooth and cellular antennas.


The complex working environment plays a crucial role in the impact of wireless signal transmission and reception, small size, long-distance transmission and reception of signals at the same time with waterproof and UV protection, is a test of the engineer's all-round ability.


1. Bluetooth to achieve a long-range transceiver signal, need to increase the power and antenna volume, which will definitely lose the power consumption of the device, the loss of a lot of power equipment will directly affect the staff's production progress and experience.

2. Total for the engineering team actively and Honeywell product development project many times to communicate, according to the reality of the use of the needs, and finally the receiving distance indicator set at 10M.

3. According to the size of the antenna not more than 30*10MM, engineers choose spiral plus sense antenna to match the resonant frequency, dark room test up to 3DB gain and 60% efficiency.

4. The antenna product is filled with waterproof glue to ensure the internal structure is not affected by rain.

5. UV agent is added to the plastic shell, and the antenna is tested by - 40˚C ~ + 80˚C high and low-temperature cycle for 80H without any deformation and cracking.

6. The overall size of the final antenna after assembling is 28*10MM, which is accepted by Honeywell.

Economic benefits: 

The customer's final product has been finalized and final preparations are being made for a later launch, which is expected to take place in March 2022.