Characteristics of PCB, FPC and NB IoT Antennas
Characteristics of PCB, FPC and NB IoT Antennas
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Characteristics of PCB, FPC and NB IoT Antennas

1. NB IoT antenna

The Internet of Things and smart hardware products require an antenna to transmit data online. The smaller the space and the more frequency bands, the more complex the antenna design. The length of the antenna is about 1/4 of the wavelength of electromagnetic waves, so the lower the signal frequency, the longer the length of the antenna.

To achieve the transmission effect of the long antenna, the short antenna needs to increase the transmission power, so the walkie-talkie needs to transmit signals, which are all long external antennas, while the FM radio only receives but does not transmit, and has a built-in receiving antenna. For example, 2G (900MHz), 4G (700-2600MHz), WIFI and Bluetooth (2.4GHz), GPS (1.5GHz).

These commonly used NB IoT antenna communication methods can be used as built-in antennas. For small-sized products such as mobile phones, wearable designs, and smart homes, external antennas are rarely used, and built-in antennas are commonly used. The integration is high, the appearance of the product is more beautiful, and the performance is slightly weaker than that of the external antenna.

2. The characteristics of PCB antenna

An antenna is a wire of a specific length. This line can also be drawn on the PCB, which is the PCB antenna. PCB antennas are widely used in single-band module circuit boards such as Bluetooth modules, WIFI modules, and ZIGBEE modules. 

Advantages: almost no cost, no need to debug again after adjusting once.

3. The characteristics of FPC antenna

The FPC antenna is equivalent to pulling out the antenna line on the PCB board and using other external metal as the antenna. Usually used in low-end mobile phones and smart hardware products with complex frequency bands. 

Advantages of FPC antenna: It is suitable for almost all small electronic products. It can be used as a complex antenna with more than ten frequency bands such as 4G. It has good performance. Because FPC is flexible, it is easy to stick on curved and irregular planes. The cost is also relatively low.

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