Gps/Beidou+Gsm Combination Dual-Frequency Antenna Helps Internet Healthcare Achieve Ultra-Precise Positioning And Iot Technology

Gps/Beidou+Gsm Combination Dual-Frequency Antenna Helps Internet Healthcare Achieve Ultra-Precise Positioning And Iot Technology

Client Background:

Shanghai Bangbang Robotics is a high-tech industrial modernization company integrating independent research and development, production and sales of intelligent assistive products, with the original intention of helping people with disabilities return to normal life. BonBon Robot is committed to bringing healthy life with intelligent technology, building intelligent solutions for the future recreation ecology, and building a respected national brand in the global field of helping the elderly and disabled.


GPS+Beidou+GSM combination into one housing with positioning accuracy within 10M.


For people with disabilities, timely and effective real-time monitoring plays a critical role. In the case of an out-of-home disabled person, for example, the lack of positioning accuracy costs health care workers a lot of time to find them, while erratic communication does not allow the disabled person to quickly initiate an SOS call for help, which has proven to be challenging to develop in terms of technology. Digital transformation with 24/7 monitoring can help make more informed decisions about the health, activity and care of people with disabilities, and ultimately improve their health and quality of life.


The guest can provide the space to place the antenna size 50*40MM long*wide, and at the same time to place the positioning antenna and GSM antenna in this space, the small space represents the antenna before the mutual interference, the engineer plays a vital role in the debugging result of the isolation degree.


1. BonBon Intelligence knows that a GPS antenna is important to achieve accuracy within 10M, and finally chose to work with GongWei after searching for different antenna products.

2. A core requirement is that Gongwei's antenna solution can use the circuit board as the ground plane to prevent other RF signals from interfering, thus preventing damage to GPS accuracy.

3. Using two LNA amplifiers and front-end SAW filters configured on an 18*18MM ceramic chip to greatly reduce out-of-band noise, the bipolar amplifier composed of the antenna makes its effective gain up to 28-30DB.

4. According to the size of space engineers choose spiral plus sense antenna to match the resonant frequency of GSM, 800-920MHZ/1710-1900MHZ up to 3.3DB gain and 68% efficiency.

5. Before the two antennas use high-density epoxy glass cloth laminate for isolation, the isolation degree is up to 25DB, effectively solving the signal interference difficulties.

6. The overall size of the final antenna after the combination is 45*35MM, which is tested and accepted by BonBon robot.

Economic benefits::

The customer has successfully brought the product to market and has achieved sales of 20,000 units.