Antenna Integration Guide
Antenna Integration Guide
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Antenna Integration Guide

Antenna selection can be a daunting task and with Co-Wei's technical expertise, project management and certification testing capabilities, we aim to make the development, verification and manufacturing process easier.

Our experienced in-house engineering team provides end-to-end product development assistance in order to match the right antenna to customer design criteria.

1.PCB rigid antenna and FPC flexible antenna.

Meet the requirements of today's increasingly miniaturized end product designs, with flexible features for bending arrangements due to space constraints.

2.Surface mount antenna.

Use super 3M adhesive to stick to any object surface, easy to install.

3.Through-hole mount antenna.

Adopt screw mounting, anti-theft and waterproof function, can prevent rotation.

4.Magnetic mounting antenna: The antenna is magnetized.

Use super neodymium iron boron magnetic adsorption, easy to install

5.Bracket mount antenna: The antenna is

Anti-corrosion, waterproof, long life, strong wind resistance and other advantages in one, to meet the needs of various environments.

6.For SMT antenna.

Used for wear and miniaturized terminal products on the need for antennas, using SMT directly to antenna shape on the motherboard.

7.Connector mount antenna.

Easy to install and replace, antenna and not easy to be affected by adverse environmental factors, resulting in more stable antenna performance.

8.In order to get the best antenna performance, our engineers should consider the following variables during the integration process.

Location, orientation, cable routing, cable length, adjustment of matching components.