4g Flexible Antenna Eliminates Hazards In The Field Of Security And Collaborates To Prevent Disasters

4g Flexible Antenna Eliminates Hazards In The Field Of Security And Collaborates To Prevent Disasters

Client Background:

Hangzhou Tuoshen (Tpson), as a new fire and new power solution provider, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on current fingerprint AI (Elec AI) algorithm and fire warning technology research. Tpson has end-to-end product development capabilities, a cloud platform, an early warning terminal and an alarm terminal that are widely used in safe cities, smart community, universities and other industries in the intelligent scene of firefighting, to power AI SAAS services to connect a better world.


Since 80% of wireless data traffic occurs indoors, an important consideration for building owners is wireless connectivity to ensure support for the growing number of IoT applications, including smart building applications, connectivity security, and monitoring and alerting systems. For large buildings, relying on LTE networks to address.


For fires, timely and effective real-time monitoring plays a vital role. Stable communication systems ensure timely transmission of information, and digital transformation with 24/7 monitoring has proven to help anticipate and prevent property and personal safety.


For indoor and some public areas, the signal instability of the antenna performance requirements become high, need an antenna with high TRP (total radiated power sensitivity) and TIS (total omnidirectional sensitivity) so that the weak operator signal can be obtained in time.


1. Customer provide original product model (including shell, finished circuit board), circuit diagram of all circuit boards, mechanical assembly diagram and material of plastic shell.

2. According to the above materials, we will simulate the antenna and design the antenna for the engineer according to the actual environment.

3. The antenna position is determined and the space given by the structure engineer, for this reason, we define the antenna size at 68.8*30.4MM, the internal structure of the shell is irregular, the flexible board is shaped.

4. The use of an engraving machine let the engineer shorten the development time greatly, and successfully finished the antenna sample delivery within a week, the product after darkroom active test, TRP can reach 20, TIS can reach 115, the customer field verification by the actual machine qualified.

Economic benefits:

The customer has successfully brought the product to market and has achieved sales of 100,000 units.